LoadScan Volume Scanning Technology

By utilizing the latest proven Load Scan Volume Scanning Technology, we provide peace of mind to our customers. Material is billed at actual loaded truck volume and trucking efficiency is maximized. This technology eliminates the need to account for trucking loss factors, allowing you to save money on your project or get tighter on your bids. ​


Accurate Measurement - Time after Time

Loadscan is unique in its reliability and consistency.
There are a range of checks and balances written into the load volume scanner (LVS) software so that the scanner does not report inaccurate readings in the unlikely event that it cannot obtain a reading from the collected scan data. Loadscan is the only volumetric measurement system that is proven accurate to plus or minus 1%​

Take Anywhere

Every load record is stored in the system and reported to our main office via cellular network. Data is viewed and sorted using Loadscan’s Overview reporting software, for customers who wish to view real time load data access to monitor Overview can be established. PDF load
reports are emailed every Monday for the previous weeks production.