Q: What is required for me to pick up material?

A: You must have an executed credit application on file along with a valid insurance certificate and completed material order form for each project. ​

Q: What are your normal loading hours ?

A: Normal loading hours are from 7am to 4pm, however we do have some location that allow us to extend loading if you project requires it, please contact the office for coordination. ​

Q: What products/ locations do you have ?

A: Please see locations page for all of our pits and available materials for each site. ​

Q: How am invoiced and what are the payment terms ?

A: Peninsula invoices every Monday for the previous weeks production. Invoice terms are net 30 unless explicitly stated otherwise. ​

​Q: What is the LoadScan volumetric system ? How does it work?

​A: LoadScan measures loaded volumes with Lidar lasers providing measurements rounded to the nearest 1/10 of a cubic yard. The accuracy of this system has been tested and proven within +/- 1%.
More information is available at www.LoadScan.com